Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Goes to Jogja

Woow!!! I had a trip. “TRIP DADAKAN”. Yesterday, on Saturday November 12, 2011. We went to Jogja. Frankly, yesterday I and my friend, Bang Andri, would hunting photos in Center Semarang “Semarang Bawah”, took a pleasure trip, looked for places unvisited before. But because the weather is hot, I had a little bit discouraged. Suddenly, Bang Andri had a idea to hunt photos in Jogja. Yes. No. Yes. No. hahaha. Finally I said yeaah. We went at 10.00 and got the bus at 11.00. We arrived in Jombor Terminal at about 14.00. Our destination was Malioboro. We went to there by trans jogja. Arrived in Malioboro, we thought that how we come back to Semarang. We went to Jogjakarta Station to looked for ticket. My first estimation was nothing train to Semarang. That’s truuuee.

Stasiun Jogjakarta

I walked back and used the time to take a pict of Jogjakarta Station. Ticket for going home was still not clear yet, we decided to eat at Mcd. Menu Panas Reguler made our stomach was full and we were ready to went around. First route was Malioboro Street. In outskirts Malioboro , I saw singing beggar. They were creative because one of them used angklung.

“Becak, Mbak, becak.., lima ribu sampai keraton,” “Mboten, Pak.” All along the road, we were offered to ride pedicab. We were still walk until I saw a traditional markets, Beringharjo, which often see on FTV. Not far from the market, there were museum and replica of bike. Unique.

After I took pict the museum and replica of bike, we asked to the youth of photographer where the palace is. We went to there. Unfortunately, the palace has closed because the time already showed 16.00. Suddenly there was someone, pedicab driver, pedicaber haha, offered his service. “Ini Mbak, keraton sudah tutup. Besok aja kesini lagi. Atau mau liat-liat daerah keraton. Ada tempat kereta raja, lukisan-lukisan, tempat pemandian raja, banyak Mas, Mbak, naik becak 20 ribu. Ditunggu sepuasnya.” “15 ribu ga boleh, Pak?” “Waduh, Mas..nggak berani saya, sudah murah itu, ditunggu lagi.” “Ya sudah, Pak.” Aku bengong liat jam. Kita mau pulang jam brapa coba? *tanya dalam hati. “Kita mau pulang jam berapa, Bang?” “Udah, liat aja dulu..” NGOOOK.

Halaman depan Keraton Yogyakarta

Kereta Keraton
Istana Taman Sari

And finally we went home. *Yeeaayy kita pulang!!* Arrived my boarding house at 21.55. Took a bath and slept. *Thanks God,, we have a nice trip.*


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