Monday, 14 November 2011

The Flood in Faculty of Law Diponegoro University

I took this picture on Wednesday, November 9 th 2011. Heavy rain was happening at about 15.30 while I had nationality exam. In picture seemed that the height of flood was swift car tires approximately. The heavy rain stopped at about  17.00.
One of the heavy rain effects except the flood was the people to be “don’t give in”. Three intersection of Sirojudin Street , Toko Tembalang, Masjid Kampus was very crowded. The people wanted to go home early because early evening, maghrib. This made me to shake my head and smiled. It very seemed their ogoism. Maybe, if I was not driving at the time, I would take a pic how the expression of the driver haha.
Maybe, that is one of the diseases in nowadays, the little incident as an example become mirror to us so that we are not selfish when we are caught in a situation “galau pulang cepet”


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